Customer Intelligence Suite
Full Spectrum Trend Analytics for Images, Video and Text

Elevate your Business with the power of Social Intelligence and Computer Vision.
We specialize in beauty, fashion, hair and more.
Delivering top-tier enterprise solutions since 2007

What PCSSO Does

Our social intelligence suite analyzes trends and consumers using images, video and text shared on social media. Our clientele is able to optimize entire product lifecycles including improving campaign ROI, increasing sales, better understanding the consumer and competitive landscapes, and optimizing product roadmaps - all thanks to our patented, premium accuracy services.

For Management

  • Innovate faster and validate strategic initiatives to stakeholders.
  • Better understand social shoppers with fully targeted reporting.
  • Forecast demand for products using our Trendsetter segment.

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For Marketing

  • Plan campaigns and year out visually with our Visual Calendar.
  • Optimize campaigns with highly targeted customer intelligence.
  • Use Look-based campaign activation to maximize performance.

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For E-Commerce

  • Upsell with our high automation Look Creator.
  • Integrate popular social topics into every dimension of website SEO.
  • Boost sales by aligning popular trends to your catalog.

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How PCSSO Works

We use computer vision to detect what shoppers are sharing in photos and videos. Powered by patented vision technology, our tool automatically detects any supported product type, extract its attributes, matches it to brand catalog(s), and stores everything in our powerful analytics engine.

This lets our tool detect and activate a variety of visual and textual signals that no other solutions offer. Our clientele is able to effortlessly track new dimensions of trends, such as colors, patterns, makeup looks, fashion outfits, food in meals, furniture in rooms, photo scenery and so much more.

Our approach also lets us accurately removes bots, spam and noise which makes our data much higher accuracy than other social analytics tools.

PCSSO Analytics
AttributeValueY/Y Growth
Lip Color
Lip FinishSatin-3%
Eye ShadowPigmented+31%
Shadow Color
FaceMatte Nude+8%
Skin ToneE1-
Hair LengthLong-2%
Hair Color
Hair TextureStraight+6%
Hair DyeNone / Full Head+14%
Typical Social Media Post
Text Analytics

Our Advantages

We offer a new dimension of photo and video trend analytics.

Better Data,
No Spam

On social media, over


of hashtags are spam

And over 80% of posts have no hashtag. We use computer vision to filter spam and analyze organic social posts to enable insights based on product colors, types, prints, patterns, finishes and much more.

Targeted Customer &
Catalog Insights

We're matching over


SKUs to social posts

Our Transversal Segmentation works by clustering social accounts into distinct segments. After matching to any catalog and taxonomy, insights then flow continuously between customer and catalog.

Learn more about Transveral Segmentation.

Forecast Trends

Know about trends

6 - 36

Months Before Peak

Our calibrated Trendsetters provide an early view of future trending looks, colors, patterns, topics, events and more. Don't miss out on big things and be sure to reduce overstock by knowing when peaks are going to happen.

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Sample Reports

Our Story

PCSSO got its start when a major luxury brand asked if our system can detect the color of lipstick consumers are wearing on social. The results were amazing, especially when other social platforms had already told the brand that this lipstick recognition task was not even possible.

Not only did our team make it work, but we then went on to build an entire taxonomy of Makeup Looks and measure the relative popularity among 10 distinct social consumer segments derived from existing brand personas - something that had truly never been done before.

In the process, we discovered all of the major flaws in social analytics tools of today. We've built out our solution to offer a new, truly better way help enterprise understand consumers.

Kris Woodbeck

Co-founder & CEO

When Kris was named University of Ottawa's Innovator of the Year, it turned his lifelong passion for entrepreneurship up to 11. He was the first person to put neural nets on the GPU, he has a knack for winning pitch contests, disagrees with the letter X, and knows more about beauty and fashion than he probably ought to. He also likes to code.

He enjoys sociology and beating video games at the hardest setting. His favorite food is Rachel's Teochew braised duck.


Chief Intelligence Officer

Rachel and Kris met in graduate school. They eventually created Cleo, which has over 50 neural nets and is able to track an exponential number of trend equations. Cleo's interests include analyzing millions of videos and images, being benchmarked and being patented. Cleo identifies as a series of moats which block competitors.

Cleo enjoys predicting the future successfully. Cleo consumes electricity. CLEO stands for Calvin, Lucas, Emily, and Opportunity.

Dr. Rachel Chen

Co-founder & CTO

Rachel finished university at the age of 19, then went to Canada to do her PhD in Computer Vision. After graduating, Dr. Chen used her leadership to create and deploy vision solutions for large enterprises around the world. She's an empowered visionary who specializes in turning research into production and finding bugs no other human can.

She enjoys history, reading and in-depth conversations. Her favorite food is BBQ duck and snack is BBQ chips - is there a theme?

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