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Predicting People
and Products
with Pixels

Get ahead of the curve with our visual social trend forecasting.

Create your future

Develop outstanding products and award-winning marketing campaigns that your customers will love.

PCSSO is the only trend forecast platform to use decades of image data through our proprietary, patented computer vision technology to accurately predict consumer trends, up to 5 years ahead of the curve.

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Targeted Consumer Insights 

Beyond mere analysis, we decode narratives, predicting top trends with unparalleled accuracy before they surface. This is not just data; it's foresight that keeps you steps ahead in the ever-evolving market.

At pcsso, understanding your target consumer segment is our forté. With in-depth analysis of behaviors, preferences, and interactions, we deliver insights that redefine the way you approach trends for your target consumer segments.


This isn't just about staying current; it's about gaining a strategic advantage and positioning yourself as an industry innovator. 

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Unrivaled Product Design

We transform data into product design inspiration, allowing you to shape the future of your products with confidence and innovation.

We provide you with actionable insight reports that redefine your approach to product design and implementation. Our process involves decoding the visual language of trends, ensuring your designs are not just current but ahead of the curve. This wealth of information empowers you to make smart, informed decisions that resonate with your consumer segments.

Effective Go To Market

Efficiently position products at optimal times and volumes through strategic retail and communication approaches, powered by cutting-edge predictive data analytics.

At PCSSO, we revolutionize your foresight with data-driven subscription and consultancy services.


By incorporating image data analysis, we not only forecast trends but also guide you precisely on where to focus your efforts. Our services extend beyond trend prediction; we equip you with impactful retail and communication strategies to amplify brand engagement and drive sales. 

Colorful Studio Portrait

With our visual data,
you'll see trends years ahead of the curve. 

We're Experts in our Field


12 Month Forecast Accuracy


4 Year Forecast Accuracy


Faster turnaround than Surveys


More Data Than Hashtag Analytics


Years of Data Integrity

Our Accuracy

Our predictions work. 

At PCSSO, we're revolutionizing the way enterprise connect with consumers. Our advanced computer vision AI technology helps us recognize people, products, and places to better understand our clients' target consumer segments.


We work with the world’s largest brands to identify the consumer segments, products, and contexts necessary to fuel their growth. Our team of experts leverages data-driven insights to deliver optimal results for our clients.

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