Welcome to the state of unrivaled social intelligence.

Our system has been meticulously crafted over many years to cater to the exacting requirements of a truly exceptional clientele.

Step 1: a Bespoke Report

We advise beginning your journey with a Bespoke Report. Tailored with precise attention to detail, each report is targeted to any consumer segment you so desire. It brings forth actionable insights, specific to both to your brand and your team's personalized needs.

Venture into the heart of your consumer psyche, with the power to drive impactful results and keeping your team perennially ahead of the curve.

Advance to a Category Review: Social Edition

Once your team starts experiencing the potency of our insights, we guide you into a deeper dive with our Category Review: Social Edition. The comprehensive document uses the classic Category Review process as a template to examine your product domain.

This involves evaluation of all consumer segments involved in your Brand's Footprint, as well as all relevant Retailers' Footprints as well. The Footprint involves both the digital world, as well as how it relates to brick and mortar settings. This empowers your brand to ensure the right products are being sold at the right place.

Opt for a Subscription

With a Category Review subscription, we equip your team with convenient access to weekly handpicked organic Pulse Reports (and access to dashboards, of course). This primes each team member with current, valuable information and makes sure everyone can react quickly when things change.

For those seeking our expertise in customizing reports or solutions, we assure you - nothing is too precise for us. Our service unlocks profound insights about your audience, fulfilling your demands with unparalleled quality.

Evaluate our Sample Work

Peruse our sample reports to capture a glimpse of the quality you can expect. Analyze the depth of insights, the precision of data, and the visual lucidity of our reports.

Once you’ve discerned the exemplary quality to which we adhere, reach out to us for your consultation.