Cross Sell Visually

Whether you have a massive assortment of SKUs or just a few, getting your catalog into search engines can be challenging. Aligning each SKU to popular trends on social media is a powerful way to boost sales and make customers happy every time your page loads. Our solution helps to guide what trending keywords can be applied to each SKU, which maximizes your SEO and search experience.

You can also set up Look-based landing pages that will continue to rank highly in SEO and convert users to purchase reliably and long term. Our engine also sets up your commerce platform perfectly for upsell, with our high automation Look/Bundle Creator. This lets your commerce platform know what will sell before the item is in stock, and provides excellent recommendations based on what's happening right now on social media.

Look Builder

If you have numerous SKUs, our Look Builder provides an automated way to cross-sell visually. It can help you to quickly identify popular trends and apply them to your products, which will maximize SEO and search experience while providing customers with reliable and long-term conversion opportunities. As well as this, our engine sets up your commerce platform for much easier upsell by creating Look/Bundle pages.

Sample Reports