Maximize Campaign Performance with Targeted, Timely Results

Start with a Transversal Category Review, which includes a 12-Month Forecast, that provides detailed analysis of all products in any category, as well measuring their performance within specific consumer segments. Our data-driven insights give a better understanding of the trends relevant to any business, as well as showing when they peak, to ensure campaign ROI is maximized.

Take campaigns to the next level with our tailored customer intelligence designed for before, during, and after activation. Maximize attention by knowing exactly which SKUs to use, which keywords to SEO, and what media and words to use in all creative content.

Campaign Calendar

PCSSO's market reporting is ideal for:

  • Developing marketing plans: We give all the right metrics to achieve your objectives, such as details about target market, positioning, pricing, as well as data on advertising, and promotions.
  • Understanding consumers: we're your go-to source for data to better understand customer behavior and preferences. Make key strategic decisions about pricing and messaging.
  • Creating engaging content: Good artists copy, great artists steal. We see what's goes viral and can serve up the best of the best to you on a silver platter. Guarantee your content will be maximally engaging across all platforms.
  • Deciding influencer relationships: Influencers are essential partners in helping to spread the word. We're here to help you match and research who's the best fit (and worth your time) to develop long term, sustainable relationships.
  • Managing campaigns and measuring results: Our reporting helps to manage campaigns across social to ensure they are reaching their target audience and delivering the desired results.

Our unique visual technology makes Look-based campaigns possible, which detect products from your catalog and place them in the context of other products. By understanding which products work together, you can maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Sample Reports